SOS English! - Grammar
de Sheila Margaret Ward, Pedro Soares, Andrew Smith


This is one in a series of three books for Portuguese-speaking learners of English of upper-intermediate/advanced level.

1. What is in this book

In this book we concentrate on grammar problems, such as tenses, prepositions, etc. The exercises are based on an analysis of typical mistakes made by Portuguese-speaking learners of English.
You are encouraged to think about the problems through diagnostic exercises which help you to compare and contrast the two languages.

2. How to use this book

The book can be used either as a self-study aid or with a teacher in the classroom.
We suggest you do a few exercises every day and work your way systematically through the book.
After each exercise check the answers at the back of the book and then consult your grammar book, and bilingual and monolingual dictionaries.

3. How to improve your study skills

At the end of each section there is a space for you to make NOTES on the items you have particular problems with. This will help you to remember them and make it easier to refer to them when you are writing a composition or revising for an exam. You can also use the NOTES sections to add any new expressions that you encounter.